The company

  • Immosolutions is active in the whole of Switzerland as a real estate company for businesses.
  • Thanks to its experience, contacts and knowledge about real estate for businesses and companies, Immosolutions is your best possible partner.
  • Immosolutions, a Swiss company founded by Gabriel Zekry, is specialized since 1990 in Shop-Hunting and is the partner of many notable companies, such as:
Nespresso Yves Rocher Swisscom
Kookai Tally Weijl H&M
Amavita L’Occitane Sunrise
Guess Marc O’Polo NewYorker
Nafnaf Douglas Visilab
Fielmann Lacoste Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger Repeat Zilli
Cartier Mango Esprit
Tibits Benetton Orange
and many more….